When traveling, supermarkets are an excellent resource for forgotten items or last-minute needs. They’re also a great way to try local products you might not find at home.

The Japanese word for supermarket is Sūpā.

To pronounce this correctly, let’s first break it down into syllables:


As you can see, you have two separate sounds. But notice the unique punctuation (called chōonpu) over the letters u and a. These symbols mean you hold the u and a sounds longer when you say them.

The first sound, “Sū” is pronounced like the “su” in the English word super. Remember to hold the “u” sound a fraction of a second longer.

The second sound, “pa”, is pronounced similar to “po” in the English word pot. Again, remember to hold the “a” sound a fraction of a second longer.

Now put the sounds together. Keep repeating the word until  you get more comfortable with it. Before you know it, you’ll have it!


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