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Tokyo Maps

Tokyo is a huge city with many things to do and see, so having a map can really be a big help during your travels.

In this section you’ll find maps for Tokyo.

Attraction Maps

This section includes helpful guides for Tokyo’s most popular attractions. In some cases, it’s a map of the grounds, and in other cases, it’s a building floorplan.

Rail Line Maps

This section has route maps for the major Tokyo rail lines you’re most likely to use during your visit. Rail lines are assigned a unique letter and color, so looking for the same letter/color on a map can be a real time-saver.

Stops are also usually numbered, which can be very helpful when trying to remember where to get out (because it’s a lot easier to remember a number than a name in another language).

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line map with English and Japanese labels.

Train Station Maps

Some of Tokyo’s train stations are massive and have many exits, so having an English language floorpan that shows rail lines, locations, stores and restaurants, and exits can be really helpful.

Map of the 2nd floor of JR Harajuku Station in Tokyo

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