Location: Tokyo

Rail Company: Tokyo Metro

Letter Code: M

Color Code: Red

Passenger Volume: High

Description: The Marunouchi Line runs runs in a U-shape between Ogikubo Station and Ikebukuro Station, and has a branch line that runs between Nakano-Sakaue Station and Hōnanchō Station.

Marunouchi Line Map


While you’ll often see the Marunouchi Line map shown with stops in a straight line, the “U”-shaped map is a more accurate representation. There is also a small branch line with 3 stops on the west side of the line.

The color red shown on the map is the color the trains are painted, and the symbol in the middle of the circle, “M” is the Marunouchi Line designator.

A good way to help you remember which stop is yours is to go by the number listed on the map instead of the Japanese name.

You will need to go to the Tokyo Metro side of a station to use the Marunouchi Line.

Marunouchi Line train
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