Location: Tokyo

Rail Company: Tokyo Metro

Letter Code: Z

Color Code: Purple

Passenger Volume: High

Description: The Hanzōmon Line serves the wards of: Chiyoda, Chūō, Kōtō, Minato, Shibuya and Sumida.

Helpful Hint #1: The Hanzōmon Line has direct interchanges with all other Tokyo Metro and Toei Lines. It also connects to Tobu Line trains, which go out to the Tokyo Skytree.

Helpful Hint #2: The Hanzōmon Line is a major commuter line, so it’s a good idea to avoid these trains in the morning and afternoon rush hours when workers are headed to and from work.


The dark purple line in the center is the actual route of the Hanzōmon Line trains. The light purple lines are other two rail providers the Hanzōmon connects to. The left side is the Tobu Line (which goes out to Tokyo Skytree), and the right side is the Tokyo den-en-toshi Line (which is a commuter line that goes out into the Tokyo suburbs) . The colored circles below the dark purple line show what other Tokyo Metro lines the Hanzōmon connects to, and at which Station.

Here’s an example to help you interpret the map in case you need it: At Hanzōmon’s stop number Z9 (at Mitsukoshimae Station), you can connect to the Tokyo Metro Ginza line (shown as an orange circle around the letter G, which is the symbol for Ginza line trains.)

All of the stops are listed in order. Trains run in both directions.

The dark purple color shown on the map is the color the trains are painted, and the symbol in the middle of the circle, “Z” is the Hanzōmon Line designator.

You will have to go to the Tokyo Metro side of a station to use the Hanzōmon Line.

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