Location: Tokyo

Rail Company: Tokyo Metro

Letter Code: H

Color Code: Silver

Passenger Volume: High

Description: Hibiya Line’s route is similar to the Ginza Line, but it also goes to places the Ginza line doesn’t go, including popular tourist areas like Ebisu, Roppongi and Tsukiji.


This map is a good example of what you will see in Tokyo, with English translations printed next to each of the stop names.

The silver line is the actual route of the Hibiya Line. The stops are numbered (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and both their English and Japanese names are written below. Above the silver line, the circles with letters show which other Tokyo Metro lines you can connect to, and at what stop (G is Ginza Line, M is Marunouchi, etc.). The letters in the squares show which JR lines you can connect to and where (JY is the Yamanote Line). For most lines, you can pick them up at multiple stations.

All of the stops are listed in order and trains run in both directions.

The silver color shown on the map is the color the trains are painted, and the symbol in the middle of the circle, “H” is the Hibiya Line designator.

You will have to go to the Tokyo Metro side of a station to use the Hibiya Line.

Hibiya Line train

Image source: Ueno Station

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