Route planning in Japan can be pretty simple. Typically it involves 3 steps: Planning your route, taking the right exit from the station, and getting to your final destination once you’re outside. Shibuya Crossing is famous for its multiple crosswalks where thousands of people converge with every light change, and it’s one of the most visited spots in Tokyo. Luckily, it’s also easy to get to.


Taking the train to the the crossing is usually the best option, because there are many available routes. Your final station will be Shibuya Station.

Shibuya Station is served by JR, Tokyo Metro, Tokyu and Keio trains.

One way to select the best route is to find the station below that is closest to you, navigate to it, then follow the suggested route to Shibuya Station.

Shibuya Station at night

From Shinagawa Station

Take the JR Yamanote Line (green line) to Shibuya Station (5 exits).

There are no Tokyo Metro trains from Shinagawa Station.

From Tokyo Station

Take the  JR Yamanote Line (green line) to Shibuya Station (10 exits).

For Tokyo Metro trains, take the Marunouchi Line (red line) one exit to Ginza Station. Transfer to the Ginza Line (orange line). Take the Ginza Line to Shibuya Station (8 exits). Take the trains headed in the direction of Shimbashi and Shibuya Stations.

From Ueno Station

Take the JR Yamanote Line (green line) to Shibuya Station (14 exits). Take the trains headed in the direction of Tokyo and Shinagawa Stations.

For Tokyo Metro trains, take the Ginza Line (orange) to Shibuya Station (14 exits).

Tokyo Metro’s Ginza Line


Go to the North Exit, also called Hachiko Gate. Overhead signs in English point the way.


Once outside the station, walk to the right. Shibuya Crossing is essentially diagonal from the station exit. You will probably see multitudes of people waiting to cross and the Shibuya 109 Building is right across the street.

Shibuya 109 Building

Tip: The Shibuya McDonalds sits directly above the crossing, and if you can get a window seat, gives you a great bird’s-eye view and incredible photo ops. (Not to mention McDonald’s Japan has their own menu and the service is awesome!)

Shibuya Crossing McDonalds

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  • Location:  Shibuya, Tokyo, north exit, just outside Shibuya Station
  • Information: As many as 2,500 people cross the street at Shibuya Crossing every time the light changes. You have to experience it!
  • Close to: Hachikō Memorial
Hachiko Memorial

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Shibuya Crossing


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